Audio Discs / Laser Discs / DVDs

Each day, we post our entire inventory of discs to our FTP site. We invite you to check out our huge listing of quality guaranteed discs. You can download the inventory list if you like, but be warned: the listing is over 100 pages long and is currently about 400K in size. If you choose to download the complete file you will need to change the file extension from .prn to .txt to view the file.

** Please Note ** Because we deal in used discs, we rarely have more than one copy of a title in stock at any time. The discs sell quickly, so it is important for your to place your order promptly.

The fastest way to view and search our inventory is as follows:
Click on the Inventory panel below. Your browser will automatically display the inventory list. If you are using Netscape or other browsers with search functions, hit “ctrl f” to begin searching the list. If you want to search for a category (i.e., Jazz, Blues, Rock) type the category name in ALL CAPS and search case sensitive. If you want to search for an artist or title, type in what you want and the first occurrence will appear. Remember that it may take 2-4 minutes for the entire list to display to your screen, so be a little patient. You can also browse through the list using your up/down arrows keys or your PageUp/PageDown keys. This is a really nice way to look at our inventory, as you’ll probably come across some out of print favorites you may not have thought of recently, as well as popular new releases. You can also view our pricing policy by clicking on the Pricing panel below.

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