KENLEIGHTM Industries has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of Total Sound Field SpeakersTM for almost four decades. For many years our clientele consisted of professionals in a variety of fields from hotel ballrooms to clubs and recording studios. In 1959 we developed a Subwoofer and Center Channel system to be used with our Front / Main Speakers. In the mid 1960’s we began introducing Rear / Surround Speakers to our customers. By the late 1960’s our unique approach to both the visual and acoustical design of Multi-Channel Speaker Systems caught the attention of designers and sound contractors involved in home installations.

For over 30 years our Speaker Systems have been installed in homes exclusively through designers and contractors in the sound and video industries. Over the past few years there has been a growing public awareness of high quality Home Theater and Multi-Channel Music systems. This awareness has created a demand for speakers that satisfy all the requirements of these complex systems. To satisfy this demand, KENLEIGHTM now offers our FOCUSED-FIELDTM Speaker Systems through high quality Music and Home Theater dealers. Sound staging and flexibility of room placement when using our LOGICALTM Series Speakers, is unmatched in the industry. Now you can own a Speaker System that fulfills your desire for high quality sound reproduction and also blends beautifully into your home.


Designed for the best sound quality and dispersion characteristics in a wide variety of settings. KENLEIGHTM Industries offers speaker models for placement over full length picture windows, doors and movie screens. KENLEIGHTM also offers models specifically designed for floor placement beneath standard casement windows. There are speakers available for mounting on either side of move and TV screens, fireplaces or french doors. The LOGICALTM series also offers traditional book shelf and tower speakers.

Whether used by themselves as a stereo pair, or as the front / main speakers in a surround sound system, the left and right front speakers convey the original image and perspective of both music and movies. The design objective at KENLEIGHTM Industries is accurate, transparent reproduction with minimal influence from the room in which the speakers are used. Our FOCUSED-FIELDTM technology and patented enclosure designs enable us to achieve this objective accurately and elegantly.

Capable of reproducing both music and movies superbly, the LOGICALTM series of subwoofers offers extremely flexible room placement and models to suit any lifestyle. Whether you prefer a wall mounted unit, a coffee table style or a more traditional design, the LOGICALTM series of subwoofers by KENLEIGHTM has a passive or self-powered model to fulfill your requirements.

There are three major considerations in the proper design of subwoofers for use in the home: accurate reproduction of both music and low frequency sounds, a seamless integration with the total sound field, and flexibility of placement. From carefully chosen crossover points to exceptional driver characteristics and superb enclosure design, the KENLEIGHTMLOGICALTM series of subwoofers satisfy all of these considerations.

Backed by almost forty years of extensive research and development, KENLEIGHTM FOCUSED-FIELDTM center channel speakers are uniquely refined. They have high power handling capacity, extremely wide dispersion and can splice seamlessly with the front / main speakers. A center channel speaker must reproduce the information that is center stage in music (such as a soloist) and much of the most vital and powerful information in movies… dialogue and center-screen action. The LOGICALTM series center channel speakers create a sound field that is powerful, accurate and maintains proper perspective throughout a wide listening area.

Many surround sound decoders offer supplementary side channels to further enhance the listening experience. Specialized speakers are required in many installations to fulfill this opportunity for an enhanced sound field. The LOGICALTM series offers highly sophisticated side channel speakers designed specifically for superb sound and exceptional placement flexibility in this format.

The KENLEIGHTM Side-Type Rear Speakers (STRS) are designed to be an alternative to KENLEIGHTM rear / surround speakers (see below) when convenience or aesthetics indicates the use of STRS. KENLEIGHTM STRS are also the ideal solution when upgrading sound quality or adding 5.1 (AC-3 / DTS) capabilities to an existing system which already includes STRS. When you need side type rear speakers, the LOGICALTM series by KENLEIGHTM offers the definition, focus and flexibility which will enable you to get the most enjoyment out of your system.

Having produced rear / surround speakers for three decades, KENLEIGHTM Industries has an in-depth understanding of their special requirements. The LOGICALTM series offers a wide variety of models to fulfill the requirements for 5.1 (AC-3 / DTS) and all other surround sound formats. KENLEIGHTM rear / surround speakers are designed to reproduce both vector and ambient information precisely. The dispersion characteristics and frequency response are tailored to the particular demands of reproduction in a home environment. Our patented enclosure design and carefully formulated driver and filter parameters assure your listening pleasure for both music and home theatre.

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